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You've decided to try out contact lenses -- Awesome!  It all starts with a complete eye exam with our Langley optometrist.  Once we're certain that your eyes are healthy and contact lenses are a good option, your eyes will undergo a contact lens exam and fitting. Each person's eyes will require a certain fit and each person will have a preference for a type of lens to use.  Our Langley optometrist will discuss with you the best options for contact lenses that fit well, keep your eyes healthy, and fit your budget.

Tips on how to put on contact lenses

Tips on how to remove contact lenses

Happier and Healthier Eyes

Most of us have experienced the contact lenses that pop out, "sticks to the eye", or that doesn't feel as good at the end of the day. Not all contact lenses fit the same even if they have the same prescription.


At Cornerstone Optometry, a contact lens fitting is more than just a prescription -- it is finding the lens that fits well, moves well, and feels well while making sure your eyes stay healthy.

Our contact lens prices are comparable to online retailers. In addition, our patients are able to access the most current manufacturers' rebates that are only offered at independent optometry clinics.

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