Prior to Appointments

Self Health Assessment

At the time of booking, patients are asked to go through a series of Covid-19 screening questions. Patients are asked to reschedule their appointment if they or any member of their household have: (1) been out of the province within 14 days of their appointment; (2) been in contact with a known Covid-19 positive individual; or (3) developed any of the following symptoms from any cause: cough, cold, stuffy or runny nose, fever, chills, fatigue, muscle ache, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat or pain on swallowing, loss of smell, loss of taste, loss of appetite, or any other flu like symptoms. In this instance, patients are directed towards this link: BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool that provides advice on the next steps they should take.

Patients who need to reschedule their appointments can call 604-371-3791 Patients may also choose to schedule a Tele-optometry visit.

In order to minimize contact and duration of the check-in process, all essential information will be collected over the phone or online through our Patient Intake Form. All patients are also asked to complete the MSP Opted Out Practitioner Form. If applicable, payments will be taken online or on the phone.

On the Day of the Appointment

Limited Entry & Controlled Access

Patients are asked to please observe guidelines as we are limiting access to the clinic:

  1. Upon arrival, wait outside or in your vehicle.

  2. Call the clinic at 604-371-3791 so we can collect additional information if needed, accept payment if applicable, and review the screening questions. We will also let you know when it is safe to enter.

  3. Arrive alone or if assistance is required, only one companion is allowed.

  4. Masks (any type including non-medical or homemade) are required. Please wear your mask before entering the clinic.

  5. Upon entering, a hand sanitizer station is located on the left side. Please sanitize before proceeding.

  6. Please be aware that restrooms are CLOSED to patient use.

  7. When trying on frames, please do not return them to the display. Instead, place them on the counter or trays for sanitizing.

Prioritizing Health & Safety

We are all in this together!

Health and safety begins before, during, and after your appointment. Team members complete a self assessment and declaration of health at the start of each clinic day. Frequent hand washing will be strictly enforced before and after each patient. We limit entry so patients can be at ease that they and if necessary, one companion are the only ones in the clinic during their scheduled exam. Clinic equipment is sanitized before and after each patient, and sneeze guards or single use plastic covers have been installed. These are replaced or discarded after each patient encounter.

During an eye exam, there may be certain instances when physical distancing is not possible. We will utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep the patient and our team members safe. These include sneeze guards on equipment, face shields, glasses or safety eyewear, KN95 or surgical masks, gloves, disposable gown covers, and disposable sleeves.

After a patient leaves, common touch points and points of contact in the exam room and reception area are disinfected again. The exam room also undergoes UV light disinfection.